from my soul…

From the outset it can be said that the process that guides my work characterizes itself as a series of repetitions which by the sheer quantity of their elements, become transformed into an installation.  Creating a series is for me a ritual which allows me to observe, to learn, to do things in a way which keeps the work open.

Until now my compositions have been primarily constructed around such preoccupations as fragility, intimacy, femininity and time.

The artist is not someone who knows, she or he is someone who seeks.

My pictural language reposes on the duality of two principals : one is an intuitive gestuality and the other is in the order of  aesthetic choice. The works thus created are not to be seen as places synonomous with representative art, but rather they are spaces of reflection, of creation and of vertigo.

Essentiality is present when I come close to the fragility of things.

In the beginning…words, those nestled deep in books, especially those of the poets, as well as those words overheard, unintentional indiscretions, caught in the bus, in the street, in private and in crowds. In silence I listen to the noises of life, its words brushing me lightly, touching me, invading me, living within me. I rewrite them; on a white background I spread them as a medium, as signs, as forms, I reconstruct them bit by bit in order to unfold their inner rhythms. I claw the paper until I can no longer see,  no longer understand, I erase, I hide, I shroud and am given to see the infinite presence of silence after the noise, this ultimate place. The fluidity of the ink, the impermanence of graphite meld to this writing from within. The diaphanousness of the support, the fragility of the paper are privileged receptacles like an echo chamber or an imaginary desert. Nests of paper bursting with volubilty.

In time… the journey surpasses the studio and the material, this disorientation canalizing its energy. Physically present, immerged in this one specific place, I become an integral part of my work in order to transform my project that I can only describe as an experimental impression which will never be but my point of view, my version of the moments I’ve lived.

Endowed with an insatiable curiosity, my work is in perpetual mutation and I can not be more precise about its future as my project changes itself in reaction to the meetings and opportunities it encounters

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  1. The artist is not someone who knows, she or he is someone who seeks.



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