AQUARI PAPER MILL was established in 1983 in the village of Banyoles in Girona, Catalunya (north east of Spain).
Since then paper is manufactured following the traditional way..
The mill is mainly working for the fine art world as well as for many diferent creative fields.
AQUARI has been able to occupy a significant position in the fine art market, contributing with the effort to make a high quality and well-finished handmade paper.
Somehow we could define ourselfs as “PAPER TAILORS”.
With a combination of diferent fibres, sizes,surfaces, colors and other techniques we provide a wide range of diferent papers and cards.
An example of our dedication are the works and collaborations with artists, editors, writers, museums and distributors, amongst them:
E. Arroyo, A. Saura, A.Tapies, Manolo Vvaldés, Jorge Oteiza, Mariscal, M. Barceló, F. Amat, G Codon, Victor Mira, J.Bird, J. Castillo, Emil Schumager, J.P Viladecans, J.V Foix, Joan Brossa, Edicions La Polígrafa, Tristán Barbarà, Edicions T. Maegth, Le Long, Malborough, Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), Schleiper(Belgium), Aart de Vos (Denmark), Art Service (Germany), Lavis Paper (Barcelona), Art Bendix (Mallorca). And more…

Our website is intended to meet the mill, our work, papers product and
distributors as well as being an instrument where you can contact us for
more information or future collaborations.

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