Print Festival Scotland: 23rd Aug – 1st Sept 2013Impact 8 International Printmaking Conference:
A celebration of interdisciplinarity and exploration through the medium of printThe eighth Impact international conference will be hosted in Dundee as a central element to the inaugural Print Festival Scotland – an event which aims to confirm the cultural diversity, historical significance and future potential of print.Foregrounding the inherent experimental and interdisciplinary nature of print practices Impact 8 will provide a critical and interactive platform for the varied interests that make print such a unique discipline. From its hybrid roots in industry and scholarship, through traditional design applications and fine art practices to its consistent significance within emerging technologies and theoretical debate – print continues to play a crucial role in the exploration of borders and crossings – be they geographical, ideological, cultural, theoretical or practical.With the theme of ‘exploration’ and the multiple identity of the print, in mind, we would like to welcome you to Dundee to explore the cross-disciplinary nature of print media. Impact 8 will build upon the meeting’s reputation as a truly international event whilst reflecting the cultural identity of Scotland and Dundee’s reputation and heritage as the ‘City of Discovery’ – from polar exploration to biomedical research and its traditions of print, printmaking and publishing.
Aine Scannell
Fife, Dunfermline Printmakers

BiographyI combine old and new technologies to make original prints, installations and artists books. I’ve exhibited in many international Biennials and Triennials – most recently, International Artists Book Triennial Vilnius, Krakow SMTG Print Triennial and Douro Biennial in Portugal. Works exhibited in S.S.A.’s Annual as well as at the Royal Academy’s ‘Open’, in Edinburgh, Scotland and in Fife.
I’m a featured artist in Richard Noyce’s “Printmaking at the Edge” book, published by A & C Black.
Exhibition Unraveling SignaturesCreative ‘alteration’ of the POD (print on demand) bookThe theme of ‘exploration’ and the multiple identity of print, are apt in the context of Impact 8. Since the recent creation of a P.O.D., I’ve had numerous ideas for manipulating this print technology. Surprisingly my research to date has elicited no evidence of this by other fine artists… Through the act of ‘unraveling’ we ‘defrock’ the multiple of its identity and categorization. By a deliberate undertaking – the artist’s ideas and imagination – transform this potentially mass-produced item into a unique object.Method: 20 invited artists each design a unique P.O.D. book. Thereafter, they ‘alter’ it using various materials and techniques. How these two stages ‘interplay’ will transpire according to the individual artists anticipation of this possibility.Participating artists:Aine Scannell (Scot), Anna Johnson (UK), Annie Woodford (UK), Denise Pelletier (Can), Eleanor Symms (Scot), Madeleine Samson (Can), Marilee Salvator (USA), Mary Hood (USA), Mary Taylor (USA), Sandra Winkworth (Aus), Sue Corr (UK), Sylvia Taylor (USA), Teresa Gomez-Martorell (Spain/USA)

Aine Scanne